Thrive Market: Yes, You CAN Afford To Eat Organic!

After years of clients and friends using the excuse that they ‘can’t afford’ to eat organic food, I finally decided to take it upon myself to find a way to buy organic groceries on a budget. In this short video, I will prove to you how you can save 25-50% on your food bill. It’s so easy!

I personally order ALL of my dry goods, and packaged foods from Thrive Market. You can save tons on really expensive stuff like ghee, nuts, coconut oil, organic soaps, detergents, jerky, sardines, organic snacks, candy, chocolate, etc. It’s insane how much cheaper it is to shop on, than shopping at a health food store like Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck).

And you save so much driving and shopping time, which to me, means I save even more money, and energy. Plus I find that I don’t just habitually throw a bunch of random (and expensive) shit in my shopping cart, as I stroll through the isles with the munchies. 

The only thing I shop for now at the farmers market, or grocery stores is veggies, and meat. Period. 

Cool right? 

What’s even more cool is that if you use this link to shop at Thrive, you’ll save an additional 20% (on top of the current discounts) on your 1st order. 

Watch the video, then build the habit of saving money and eating healthy at the same time. There is no longer an excuse to eat foods sprayed with poison, or to financially support the companies that sell that garbage. 

Be punk rock! Eat organic!

To your health,